View Live Horse Racing Online Free – I Have A Horse That Has A Tattoo With 5 Numbers On His Upper Lip.?

I have a horse that has a tattoo with 5 numbers on his upper lip.?

I have a horse that has a tattoo with 5 numbers on his upper lip.? … There should be a letter to identify him and his past regarding racing or stud but there is no number. Does anyone (that actually knows about horses) know what this could mean? He is a beautiful black horse and we thought he was a quarter horse because of his size and how big his muscles are but are considering thoroughbred? How do I find out his history if I there's no letter?

My horse is a tb and is off the track. He also just has (what I thought) 5 numbers with no letter. But my vet checked it and there was a slight indication of a letter that just wore off some how and you could barely see it. Maybe this may have happened? Just a suggestion!

If your horse is a JC registered Thoroughbred, the "S" designates your horse was foaled in 1989. The 5 numbers designate the last 5 digits in his registration number. You can get his pedigree and any racing history but you will have to pay a fee. Since he was tattooed chances are he was at the very least entered into a race, there are many horses that are found not to be suited to racing that went into training but never received a tattoo. As far as letters & tattooing… each year is designated by a letter of the alphabet. For example 1971 was "A", the most recent "A" was 1997, which follows that a horse foaled this year will have a tattoo beginning with the letter "L" if it is entered into a race in the future.

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A Thoroughbred tattoo has one letter, which indicates the year of birth, followed by four or five numbers, with horses over 25 years of age having only four. Horses foaled outside North America will also have an asterisk (*) at the beginning of the tattoo. The Jockey Club has a free tattoo lookup and research service here as well as a Tattoo Frequently Asked Questions.

A Standardbred tattoo always has five characters, either a letter and four numbers or two letters and three numbers. The first letter in the tattoo indicates the year of birth. You can look up a Standardbred tattoo online for free here. There is also a list of all tattoo numbers by horse name for foals of 1996 and later here for horse identifiers at race tracks to use.

A Quarter Horse tattoo has four or five numbers followed by a letter, making it easy to tell from a Thoroughbred tattoo. You can get more info about Quarter Horse tattoos and registration here and AQHA will look up a tatto number for free if you call them at 806-376-4811.

Most Appaloosas are tattooed whether they raced or not, and some info about their marks is available here. Arabians are also tattooed with the last six digits of the horse's registration certificate number.

Thoroughbred Tattoo Lookup

Jockey Club Tattoo Lookup

All horses have tattoos, and now will be able to search readable tattoos for free through the Jockey Club registry online. Look for tattoo, if legible or even if not legible Jockey Club representatives will help you with Information your seeking regarding your ex-racehorse/Thoroughbred by using the information in their database. If you know his name, and birthdate or any info would be helpful. If not it's still worth a try. First consult their list of FAQs, link provide below for you . You'll also find tips for reading tattoos, even recently released names and how to identify a Thoroughbred by cowlicks and markings. This initiative has been developed to aid those re-training and owning retired racehorses and great news for owners curious about their horse's background. FAQ's Contact Page..

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