Live Horse Racing Commentary Online Free – Differences Between Television Commentary And Radio Commentary?

Differences between television commentary and radio commentary?

Differences between television commentary and radio commentary? … For school, I need to know some of the major differences between radio commentary and television commentary (typically on sports). I also need common phrases that commentators use, so if anybody knows any, feel free to post them.
Thanks (:

Radio commentary is to inform people what's going on that they cannot see.
Describe people, places, weather, etc.

Television commentary is to help those who are watching stay 'interested' by interviewing or adding running commentary to compliment the visual.

Radio commentary needs to paint the picture of what is transpiring. Since the listener cannot see for himself the action happening it is crucial for the commentator to accurately describe what is going on, who is there, and the sequence of events.

TV commentary is necessarily different because the viewer can see what is happening, who is ther and so on. The TV commentator needs to give background information, describe events outside of the camera's view if they are appropriate, and identify the people we are seeing. There is nothing more irritating than a TV commentator describing what the viewer can see for themselves.

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