In Horse Racing – In A Hypothetical 1-1/4 Mile Match Race At Equal Weights At Hollywood Park, Would You….?

In a hypothetical 1-1/4 mile match race at equal weights at Hollywood Park, would you….?

In a hypothetical 1-1/4 mile match race at equal weights at Hollywood Park, would you….? … ….bet on Lava Man or Native Diver?

Native Diver is the only 3-time winner of the Hollywood Gold Cup. Lava Man is trying to win his third Hollywood Gold Cup this weekend. They both are/were geldings, both California-breds, both have done their best races in California.

So who would you pick, and why?

b 4 real…..the diver was a world record holding sprinter for 7 furlongs, and he won with 130lbs, by the time lava man started running the diver would be a ez 6 lenghts clear under a Jerry Lambert hand ride…

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Horse Horse Racing Results – Logic Problem #32: Racing Horses?

Logic Problem #32: Racing Horses?

Logic Problem #32: Racing Horses? … The first race at the Middleville Track was a five-horse race. The horses were Stillwind, Fleur-de-Lis, Graymere, Fool's Friend, and Emergency. The jockeys – Smith, Jones, Wilson, McCoy, and Larson, each wore a cap of a different color. One wore red, one wore yellow, one blue, one green, and one wore orange. From the clues given, try to determine the jockey of each horse, the color of his cap, and the order in which the race finished.

1. Graymere won but was not ridden by the jockey with the yellow cap.

2. Stillwind finished ahead of McCoy's horse but behind the blue-capped jockey; however, none of these finished first.

3. Neither Graymere, Fleur-de-Lis nor Emergency were ridden by the jockey with the red cap but one was ridden by Jones and another by Larson and the other was the horse who finished fourth.

4. Fool's Friend finished ahead of the horse ridden by the jockey in the red cap, who finished ahead of McCoy, who finished ahead of the jockey with the orange cap.

5. Neither Fleur-de-Lis nor Graymere was ridden by Larson or Smith and none of these horses or riders finished second.

Stillwind- red, 3rd, Smith
Fleur-de-Lis- yellow, 4th, McCoy
Graymere- green, 1st, Jones
Fool's Friend- blue, 2nd, Wilson
Emergency- orange, 5th, Larson

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Racing Post Horse Racing – What Do The Numbers Next To A Racing Horses Name Mean?

What do the numbers next to a racing horses name mean?

What do the numbers next to a racing horses name mean? … For example: 2-1

Well if they are next to a name, you are probably reading a program, or a list of entries in a newspaper.

You are looking at what is called the "morning line". It is an estimate by the track handicapper on what the odds at post time will be.

The morning line (or post time odds for that matter) is not necessarily a reflection of the true odds of the horse's chance to win, just how the linemaker thinks the public will bet the race.

The horse with the lowest number is the morning line favorite (2/1 may represent the morning line favorite, and that horse will most likely be the favorite at post time). Horses with large numbers like 20/1 and 30/1 are "longshots".

As soon as wagering starts being tallied for the next race (usually at the end of the previous race), the morning line sort of becomes irrelevant because the toteboard at the track will update a horse's actual odds every 90 seconds. The actual odds are a true reflection of all the money (in the win pool) being bet on the race.

As other people have answered, you get paid the odds, plus your original bet. So a $2 winning bet at 2/1 pays $6. $2 @ 7/2 pays $9. And $2 @ 20/1 pays $42.

But remember, when you get to the track, everyone might really like this horse's chance of winning, and the horse may go off at 4/5 instead of 2/1. Some races the public ignores the morning line favorite and they might go off at 5/1 or higher (happens less than the public betting down a favorite).

I didn't want to confuse you, but I wanted you to know that most of the time the post time odds are not the same as the morning line odds.

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Horse Racing Tips At The Races – Anyone Have Any Good Horse Racing Systems?

Anyone have any good horse racing systems?

Anyone have any good horse racing systems? … Looking for a good horse racing system. Free preferably!

Can a horse actually count back 18 days to when it last won a race, does it actually know that it has a top jockey on board, that it has won over the distance and that its price is not higher than 4-1…if it does then punters need have no fear, okay I'm only half jesting, the trainer will see to most of these things, apart from the price, but most racehorses do not run to form and in the UK some trainers will have a particular race in mind for the horse and maybe run him at a couple of unsuitable tracks or on unsuitable ground to get his weight down in a handicap contest, and it can pay to know who is in with a chance and who isn't.

Back in the real world there are no sure fire systems guaranteed to come good on a regular basis and you will eventually end up giving all your money back to the bookie.

Do your own research into the horses breeding, check which distances the sire and dam won over and go to your local track on a regular basis and watch the horses in the paddock, they are extremely quirky and will often be sweating up, or bolt to post. They may not like the racecourse that they are racing on that particular day or the going may be to soft or firm for their action.
Only by watching will you pick up on these things and the newspapers and tipsters are a complete waste of time, your guess is as good as theirs.

Try starting with a particular trainer and follow his string of horses for a year either over the jumps or on the flat, you will soon see a pattern emerge and certain horses winning on certain courses, but it is a slow and sometimes costly process and there are few professional punters who can boast a living out of systems.

Enjoy the racing, it's a great day out and where else can you go to a sporting event and possibly come home with more than you went in with.

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Horse Racing Racing Results – Is There A Place To Collect Horse Race Data Via A Free API?

Is there a place to collect horse race data via a free API?

Is there a place to collect horse race data via a free API? … I would like to gather horse race information, such as entries and results, and be able to scan and look at that data "offline".

This is, mostly, to build my own understanding of the statistics involved as well as how handicapping is performed; I tend to work best at a "programmer/mathematical" level, than a "print the DRF and read" level. Some call it "learn by doing" so to speak.

My question is thus: Is there a site out there with a free API to gather schedule information and result information? I know of Equibase and love the site, but it is against the Terms of Service/Use to "scrape" the data via a script. I don't want to do anything against a terms of service.

Any help would be wonderful. Thank you!

Also, I would suggest and try – TVG Horse Racing & Online Horse Betting
TVG is the #1 Horse Racing/Wagering Network in the USA … it provides the following..!
Odds and Results
•Over 150 Tracks Worldwide
•Free Membership to the Fastest-Growing Horse Racing Community
•4 Ways to Wager: Online, Phone, Mobile, Remote Control
•Free Handicapping Information and TVG Wager Rewards
•No Deposit Fees
Race Schedule
All Tracks
Exclusive Tracks
Program Guide
Where To Watch
Help FAQs

Take the tour and see if this is something you may be interested in, it's worth a shot below:

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Racing Horse Racing – Why Are Quarter Horses So Popular With Owners And Stables?

Why are Quarter Horses so popular with owners and stables?

Why are Quarter Horses so popular with owners and stables? … Like, some QHs can be good. But I don't really like them. So why are they so popular? I don't find anything particulary special about them.

I ride Puerto Rican Paso Finos.
Registration Statistics for the AQHA

Show statistics for the AQHA…you'll note fast time events for "lazy horses"…. and stats on AQHA race horses (the lazy things)….

The Quarter Horse didn't become the most popular breed in the nation by being fat, lazy, stupid, mean..or for "spooking easily". It does sound like an in-law however.

Those horses that "bumped" or stepped on you either had little respect for anyone or were poorly treated or both. You'll find this common denominator in rotten behavior amongst horses of all breeds. It's certainly not breed specific for Quarter Horses. Fan that methane somewhere else, whew!!!.

No doubt an equal number of negative comments could be made about the limitations of your "favorite breed" but I shall decline for the sake of brevity.

I would however, love to see that Paso Fino, doin' a little Paso Largo while in hot pursuit of a steer down the fence during a Working Cow Horse class, OR run a quarter mile in under 22 seconds….or log onto an 600 lb steer in a steer roping/stopping contest. Since Pasos average between 13.1 hands and 14.1 hands tall and weigh between 700 to 1100 lbs that steer could prove to be almost more than a lot of them can handle. OR, handle a Western Riding course; can't Paso Largo there, gotta lope, switch leads between precisely set cones and over a log without striking it.

AQHA Racing for 440 yards….crank that little Paso up for the race of its life to equal the Quarter Horse at a blistering 20.886 seconds for the quarter mile in 2006. Can I place some bets on your horse?

Riding for the "lower levels"…ok… about FEI Reining competition?

Must be out of reach for most of us rednecks……..,%20Lausanne

Every one is entitled to brag on their favorite breed of horse, dog, whatever; ..however, while doing the braggin' on your favorite animal be sure you have your facts in order.

EDIT: A top price paid for a AQHA cutting horse

"Five years ago, the day before the NCHA Futurity Finals, David and Stacie McDavid of Fort Worth purchased leading contender Hes A Peptospoonful for $1.5 million. Last month, the day before the NCHA Futurity Finals, the McDavids purchased The Silver Spoon, from Hes A Peptospoonful’s first crop of performers". "Cutting Horse News"…..

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Horse Racing UK – Why Are Horse Race Tracks Called Downs, Like Church Hills Downs?

why are horse race tracks called "Downs"? Like Church Hills Downs?

why are horse race tracks called "Downs"? Like Church Hills Downs? … why are horse race tracks called "Downs"? Like Church Hills Downs?

It all stems back from the early days of racing in Ireland and England. In the UK a "downs" is a large area of grass, which is where they typically raced back then. Most of the tracks nowaday's that have "downs" in their title, also have a turf (grass) track along with either a dirt or synthetic main track. If you'll notice most all of the well known UK tracks have the word downs in their title. Also, the word "downs" means "livery" such as a …livery stable.

…Billy Ray

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Horse Racing Results At The Races – What Is A “BLACK TYPE” HORSE RACE?


What is a "BLACK TYPE" HORSE RACE? … These type races are listed in my race conditions book

black type races, are races that have been given grade or group status, depending on what country you are in.
in australia, england, nz they are called group races eg: group 1, group2, and group 3!
in the us they are called grade races, grade 1,2,3 ect!

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Horse Racing Singapore – Difference Between A Derby And A Race?

Difference between a Derby and a Race?

Difference between a Derby and a Race? … We just started wondering what's the difference between a Derby and a Race? I looked up the dictionary definition but still couldn't figure it out.

Traditionally, the term "derby" is used strictly to refer to races restricted to three-year-olds, as the English and U.S. Triple Crown races all are. The most notable exceptions to this rule are the Hong Kong Derby and Singapore Derby, restricted to four-year-old Thoroughbreds, and the Canadian Pacing Derby, an annual harness race for "aged pacers" (Standardbreds) four years old and up.

In Scandinavian harness racing Derby is restricted to four-year-olds. Exception is the Finnhorse Derby, which is restricted to five-year-olds.

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View Live Horse Racing Online Free – I Have A Horse That Has A Tattoo With 5 Numbers On His Upper Lip.?

I have a horse that has a tattoo with 5 numbers on his upper lip.?

I have a horse that has a tattoo with 5 numbers on his upper lip.? … There should be a letter to identify him and his past regarding racing or stud but there is no number. Does anyone (that actually knows about horses) know what this could mean? He is a beautiful black horse and we thought he was a quarter horse because of his size and how big his muscles are but are considering thoroughbred? How do I find out his history if I there's no letter?

My horse is a tb and is off the track. He also just has (what I thought) 5 numbers with no letter. But my vet checked it and there was a slight indication of a letter that just wore off some how and you could barely see it. Maybe this may have happened? Just a suggestion!

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Watch Live Horse Racing Today Online Free – Where Can I Watch Horse Racing Online For Free?

William Hill is by far the best place to watch live horse racing without needing a subscription!

Where can I watch horse racing today online for free?

Where can I watch horse racing online for free? … where can I watch horse racing online for free?

This is definitely the question we get asked more than any other, there’s a massive interest in horse racing and people just want to watch it live, a lot of the time without gambling.  There are quite a few places where you can still watch live horse racing today online for free. Yes you can still watch plenty of live horse racing today free online. We go through some of the options including the broadcasters, youtube and even the bookmakers.

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Live Horse Racing Radio Online – I Am Trying To Find The Headphones Worn At Car Races To Block Out The Noise?

I am trying to find the headphones worn at car races to block out the noise?

I am trying to find the headphones worn at car races to block out the noise? … I am trying to find the headphones worn at car races to block out the noise?

If you are just interested in blocking out noise, then you are probably referring to earmuffs. You can find them at a sporting-goods/hunting store, as they are used for hearing protection when shooting guns.

For example, there are numerous types that can be found on Cabela's website.

You are smart for wanting to protect your hearing. I don't know how loud car races actually get. I'm sure it depends on where you are at and how close you are to the cars. Although it might not look cool wearing hearing protection, it is worth it. Once you lose your hearing, you can never get it back.

I doubt noise cancelling headphones do any good for hearing protection at a car race. Noise cancelling technology is more effective at low frequencies. ( ) They work great eliminating noise on an airplane, which is relatively constant, but "They won't cancel the sound of music, telephones or the human voice," says Vien Bantog of Panasonic Canada.

If your interested also check out Sensaphonics, who makes ear-buds and hearing protectors for musicians, race car drivers, and all sorts of professions.

Also check out
for more general hearing protection info.

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Live Horse Racing Commentary Online Free – Differences Between Television Commentary And Radio Commentary?

Differences between television commentary and radio commentary?

Differences between television commentary and radio commentary? … For school, I need to know some of the major differences between radio commentary and television commentary (typically on sports). I also need common phrases that commentators use, so if anybody knows any, feel free to post them.
Thanks (:

Radio commentary is to inform people what's going on that they cannot see.
Describe people, places, weather, etc.

Television commentary is to help those who are watching stay 'interested' by interviewing or adding running commentary to compliment the visual.

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