Horse Racing Racing Results – Is There A Place To Collect Horse Race Data Via A Free API?

Is there a place to collect horse race data via a free API?

Is there a place to collect horse race data via a free API? … I would like to gather horse race information, such as entries and results, and be able to scan and look at that data "offline".

This is, mostly, to build my own understanding of the statistics involved as well as how handicapping is performed; I tend to work best at a "programmer/mathematical" level, than a "print the DRF and read" level. Some call it "learn by doing" so to speak.

My question is thus: Is there a site out there with a free API to gather schedule information and result information? I know of Equibase and love the site, but it is against the Terms of Service/Use to "scrape" the data via a script. I don't want to do anything against a terms of service.

Any help would be wonderful. Thank you!

Also, I would suggest and try – TVG Horse Racing & Online Horse Betting
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Take the tour and see if this is something you may be interested in, it's worth a shot below:

Tvg Horse Racing Results

W 6 Teeth of the Dog P 5 Zetterholm S 2 Fast Falcon Alt 3 Morgan's Guerrilla

Tvg Race Results

Hi Tom, Equibase would have been my first choice, but the DRF is another good place to find your information. Here is the link and good luck to you.

Personally, I've seen a LOT of poor betting systems. I started using this software for my horse bets. First impressions are very good. Check their site for more information

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