Horse Racing Results At The Races – What Is A “BLACK TYPE” HORSE RACE?


What is a "BLACK TYPE" HORSE RACE? … These type races are listed in my race conditions book

black type races, are races that have been given grade or group status, depending on what country you are in.
in australia, england, nz they are called group races eg: group 1, group2, and group 3!
in the us they are called grade races, grade 1,2,3 ect!

a 'black type' horse race is a stakes race or a listed race.
when a racehorse has his form written in the form book or sales catalog,all of his races and results are listed. if he ever won a stakes race or listed race then it will be written in block capitals and bold black ink . thats why people call it a 'black type' race, everyone wants their horse to win a black type race, it makes their form(facing history/achievements) stand out.

the second answer is right on the money although I would add that even placing(2nd or 3rd) in any Black Type race gives the horse Black Type on its catalog page/pedigree – just not as significant as winning.

what are you doing with a condition book !

Now there are black typed horses that means they have been stakes winners

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