Live Horse Racing Radio Online – I Am Trying To Find The Headphones Worn At Car Races To Block Out The Noise?

I am trying to find the headphones worn at car races to block out the noise?

I am trying to find the headphones worn at car races to block out the noise? … I am trying to find the headphones worn at car races to block out the noise?

If you are just interested in blocking out noise, then you are probably referring to earmuffs. You can find them at a sporting-goods/hunting store, as they are used for hearing protection when shooting guns.

For example, there are numerous types that can be found on Cabela's website.

You are smart for wanting to protect your hearing. I don't know how loud car races actually get. I'm sure it depends on where you are at and how close you are to the cars. Although it might not look cool wearing hearing protection, it is worth it. Once you lose your hearing, you can never get it back.

I doubt noise cancelling headphones do any good for hearing protection at a car race. Noise cancelling technology is more effective at low frequencies. ( ) They work great eliminating noise on an airplane, which is relatively constant, but "They won't cancel the sound of music, telephones or the human voice," says Vien Bantog of Panasonic Canada.

If your interested also check out Sensaphonics, who makes ear-buds and hearing protectors for musicians, race car drivers, and all sorts of professions.

Also check out
for more general hearing protection info.

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Why you want to block the noise??that is what Nascar is all about the roar of engines 800 plus horses, the tires squealing on and off pit road….sorry but i have attended plenty of races and NEVER had any use for headsets to block noise..that is why i get the RUSH and FEEL of being a Nascar Fan

Hey not betting again..on what and why???

Go by a local gun shop. They should have ear protection. Pawn shops usually have ear protection they sell with their guns. Try an Army Navy store also. If it was me I would go by Walmart and get a headset scanner. They are located by the car stereos [at least they are in my town].

get a set of ear plugs from a landscaper or walmart in the lawn mower section for a buck if u need for your scanner you can use a regular set of stereo head phones go to radio shack and purchase a adapter plug this is what i did and works great instead of paying all that money for there set

you can get the headphone scanners for a race pretty much anywhere, Wal-Mart, Radio Shack, ebay, around $100 for a set

They should have those that your looking for at Wal-Mart, Lowes & home depot too.

Here is a link to what Nascar uses:


You can get then any were.

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