Horse Racing Race Card – Horse Racing: The Basic Elements Of Advanced Statistical Handicapping

The basic elements of advanced statistical handicapping are simple and straight forward. All that’s needed is the most basic of statistical and most basic of math understanding. Because of racing being a statistical game there are two ways to handicap races: (1) Each race is handicapped one by one individually and personally and passed or played. (2) 100’s to 1,000’s of races are statistically sampled by testing using all possible combinations (not permutations) of factors, angles, sub-angles and with basic statistical methods the best combination(s) for the specific wager type and field size is chosen. Along with this comes the study of long-term winning and losing streaks and patterns.

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Each of the four sub-levels of handicapping have a unique view-point but some are more powerful than others. This is why racing has two general ways of being done. This way no stone goes unturned so to speak. So there are two major divisions to racing: handicapping and profitcapping. The former is predicting the order of finish positions of races and the latter is predicting the profit to be made from the in the money positions. With handicapping – no – money is involved and the player only endeavours to figure out what horse(s) is going to come in what position.

Some of the contents and the basic elements of advanced statistical handicapping are: (1) The two types of handicapping. (2) Graph tables. (3) Ranking horses. (4) Rank comparison. (5) Profitcapping in the context of advanced handicapping of matching races to payouts. (6) Ticket formatting in the context of advanced handicapping. (7) Elimination methods. (8) Handicapping odds. (9) Pass or play of individual races or whole race cards. (10) How to proceed. (11) Videos by author (on YouTube) to augment the text. Each one of these is a study unto itself and must be concentrated on in detail to have a full understanding so that it may practiced right.

Each one of these elements is filled with the right information for the player. Information that when practiced gives the player a strong heads up in the game in a unique way. By handicapping each race individually and also handicapping 1,000’s to 10’s of 1,000’s of races the player understands why long-term patterns happen when any one system or several methods are used. Every single method or system used to pick horses has its own winning and losing streak patterns and its own strengths and weaknesses that’s different from all others. This is when it’s seen over a 3-10 years period of time.

So that handicapping each race one by one individually and passing or playing it will lower your percent of picking weak or wrong races. Not doing this way gives you less probability of profiting. When both general ways of handicapping are used the chances of making money becomes much more probable. This is partially the content and the basic elements of advanced statistical handicapping.