Horse Racing Big Races – A Horse Racing System Using Astrology To Handicap Horse Races And Find Big Winners

The new age gambler may use many ways to try to find good horse racing bets that the average horse racing handicapper wouldn’t think of when he or she is looking for a good horse racing system. For instance, some people have tried to figure out bio-rhythms and others have used the Tarot.

Another method that has been used to handicap horse races for many years is astrology. Figuring out a horse’s horoscope may sound strange, but it hasn’t stopped a lot of people from trying it. Other people have tried a slightly different approach and used the jockey’s horoscopes to try to figure out when a jockey will be lucky.

Along the same line as astrology, there is numerology. The basis for numerology is an ancient belief that everything in the universe has a mathematical code and by breaking the code you can predict the future. People use numerology charts to determine what kind of day they will have just like others use horoscopes.

While this all may seem really silly to men and women who use a system to handicap horse races, ask yourself this, why does almost every newspaper and major website, offer horoscopes and other forms of divination? Strictly for entertainment purposes, you answer. Well maybe yes and maybe no, because while it may be entertainment, how many of the millions of people who read those horoscopes every day are influenced in some way by them and how many take a chance or alter the course of his or her day because of something in a horoscope?

Now ask yourself this, how many jockeys or trainers read those horoscopes? While we’re on the subject, how many of the people who bet on horse races also read their horoscopes and even though it may not have a great impact on most of them, just how much of an effect does it have?

Whether or not the stars and planets actually affect the course of human events is still unproven and unknown, but the fact that horoscopes affect human behavior is probably true. The only problem is, how do you factor that into a horse racing system?