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Different Types Of Thoroughbred Horse Racing

Horse racing, the sport of kings! But not all races are equal.

Thoroughbred horse racing is the most popular form of horse racing the whole world. It is so popular that some people do not know of any other form of horse racing. Thoroughbred horse racing is also known by some people as the “sport of kings”. Usually, a thoroughbred horse owner would hire a trainer to condition the horse for only one type of race. This is because a good trainer knows that there is a best training regimen for every type of race. The owner may also opt to enter the horse in races that are somewhat similar to what it is in training for.

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Horse Racing Race Card – Horse Racing: The Basic Elements Of Advanced Statistical Handicapping

The basic elements of advanced statistical handicapping are simple and straight forward. All that’s needed is the most basic of statistical and most basic of math understanding. Because of racing being a statistical game there are two ways to handicap races: (1) Each race is handicapped one by one individually and personally and passed or played. (2) 100’s to 1,000’s of races are statistically sampled by testing using all possible combinations (not permutations) of factors, angles, sub-angles and with basic statistical methods the best combination(s) for the specific wager type and field size is chosen. Along with this comes the study of long-term winning and losing streaks and patterns.

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Beverley Racecourse

Beverley Racecourse is a UK horse racing venue in the small market town of Beverley, East Riding of Yorkshire. Is it a privately run course that caters for flat racing over turf. It is one of the oldest race courses in the UK

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Brighton Racecourse

Brighton Racecourse is a very popular UK horse racing venue, not surprisingly just on the outskirts of the centre of Brighton in the county of East Sussex, south of England. It only hosts flat races and is a turf course owned by the Arena Racing Company.

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